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Lately I’ve taken to giving thanks for everything under the sun, including but not limited to

His sacrifice
my husband
my husband’s adorable family
that i have the ability to do things like go for a (slow, breathless, fat) jog
and the resources to listen to music
and go to the dentist
thanks for the thought that in my life i could have more than one career
(choices, who knew there were so many?)
my own unadorable but still loveable family
(even though we don’t really talk)
my job, that stresses me to the max and forces me out of my shell and places me at the limits of my abilities
the idea that God will force and push me to exactly where i need to be
and i will not break beyond repair
not once
not even slightly.
He made me better than that
and every day now, I think: thanks for opportunity, Lord.
because there’s so much i’ve got.

Been a busy couple of weeks. Parachute was incredible. Bryce Avary and Aaron Gillespie were fantastic; I even got to shake Bryce Avary’s hand (he asked my name, twice, and I was so nervous I gabbled over him). Relient K were a dream.  High fived Jon Schneck, just sayin’.

Most impressed by these guys though. On the Saturday at Parachute we went to the RK interview, and I was a little (probably unfairly) disappointed by the direction of it ’cause it was mainly about food. And what kind of food they would be, and what kind of car they would be, and hey, what’s Mood Rings about anyway (because this is really hard to get, you guys)? Just general silliness, which is cool, and it was at times funny and engaging – despite the awkward interviewer who appeared to have quickly read the band’s wiki before coming onstage to talk to them. Oy.


On Sunday, we went to the Showbread/Ascend The Hill interview.

And my soul said, this is more like it.

Probably helped that the interviewer was a labelmate. Came across as a natural conversation, after a somewhat stilted beginning (where it was clear the bands were absolutely having a laugh at his expense), that led to a place where they talked freely about their faith.

Come&Live do some amazing work for God and if you haven’t yet checked them out, please do. All the music is free; the passion and talent of the bands involved is immense and you won’t regret it. Because it is free. But also, very, very good. We signed up as donors. Part of my brain wonders if that’s weird, but the other parts told that part to shush. It’s an area my husband and I love and an idea we want to see flourish.

Sidebar: Jase from The Ember Days was manning the stall when we visited, and was lovely. He kept trying to give us stuff, for us giving them stuff. We left loaded with swag and warmness.

One thing that is always going to stick out to me. During Showbread’s two sets over the weekend, they made a point of being available. For a chat. For prayer. For whatever. I went to see them at the C&L stall after their show on Sunday with my friends and sisters-in-law – we talked really quickly to Josh Dies; he was super nice and really patient, considering it was going on 11.30PM or something and all his friends seemed to be loaded down with bags and pillows, probably waiting to leave. And also considering that my in-laws went hilariously crazy over meeting him (one of the highlights of the weekend, the older one telling the younger one to ‘stop stealing my thunder’ then pretending to high kick her in the face). That accessibility, that humility, really amazed me.

I guess I just compared it to one of the bigger bands there, whose lead singer got very quickly into the back of a van, put his hood up, and wouldn’t acknowledge anyone (weird, right, we don’t own them and they don’t owe us anything…but there that is).

It must be also be said again that Aaron Gillespie’s worship set was amazing and it is to my deep dismay that I didn’t get to shake his hand. Maybe next time.

None of this makes much sense. It’s 2.09am here. I could probably have added ‘for all the bands at parachute’ to my list and it would have been more concise and probably more enjoyable.

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