Finally, finally got two of my backed up reviews written and posted. Gah. I’m so slow recently. I’ve got one more review, of Heather Gudenkauf’s The Weight Of Silence, to write before I’m all caught up. I’ve started Shine by Lauren Myracle, though. Pretty good so far.

In other news, my bible reading is coming along. Although I haven’t picked it up since Friday, I did manage to finish Genesis last week. I sort of abandoned the bible reading plan – it just felt easier to read it in order. I might skip around a bit later, especially when it comes to books like Leviticus where I’ll need a break.

Interestingly, an email went out at work last week about setting up a bible study group for the kids. I work with youth offenders, so this would be huge for both me and them. There are a few Christians at my work, and while they’re not exactly covert they aren’t all that open either. I still feel a bit new (despite having worked there for over a year, I didn’t start full time until near the end of last year) so that may just be the culture of my workplace. I’m not sure…it’s a funny place to be, at times.

The countdown to Parachute 2012 is nearing its long awaited end…two more sleeps and I’ll be on my way to the great north, to see three of my see-before-I-die bands. Can’t believe it.


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