Basically, Goodreads is 4chan for readers. ?!!

I’m a new user to Goodreads, but one of the main ways I decide whether or not to add a book to my ‘to read’ shelf is by reading the reviews left by other users. The post above gives a little detail about some authors ‘attacking’ these reviewers…when they’re negative.

I don’t feel like I got the whole picture from the post,  but from what I can glean, it’s disgusting. It’s also made me think a little bit about my own reviews. My previous post was about Isaac Marion’s “Warm Bodies”, which I loved, but now I’m thinking – was I slightly too effusive in my praise? I have some style-hangover from writing reviews for Penguin; I believed reviews just had to be positive and at no time could I write about the bad points in the books I was reading (which of course, they all had). So I worry that my Marion review was just a touch too cheesy and therefore dishonest, in a way.

Wahwahwah, in short, I will be watching myself carefully when I review my next book, “Beauty Queens” by Libba Bray.

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